Site Plan

Interior Atrium From Entryway

Public Space From Site Threshold

View From Street

Early Diagrid Facade/Strcture Model

Early Diagrid Facade/Strcture Model

Structural Facade Model with early folding design

Floorplate Model

Final Structural Facade Model with Insulated, Glazed, and Solar Collector Panels.

Comprehensive Design Studio

This assignment, for a business incubator, was completed with classmate Chris Sledziona. A structural facade supports open floor-plates which allow for various spatial layouts that are easily rearranged as businesses start, expand, contract, and interact. Floor-plates integrate air movement through a pressurized plenum. Exposed concrete ceilings with integrated radiant tubing absorb and radiate heat to maintain the buildings climate. The central atrium and double skin facade are used to aid in natural ventilation of the building.

Northeastern University Comprehensive Design Studio (Senior Studio)
Architecture, Integrated Building Systems